Fat Tuesday

A whole day of “whole foods.”  Can I do it?  A day without coffee, cereal, “Lean Cuisines,” or cookies!  No “holy trinity” (salt, butter, sugar) either.  Maybe a little olive oil.  “Whole foods” are commonly defined as non-processed foods (no added ingredients).  Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans are all “whole foods.”

Growing up I was never a big fan of meat.  But I gradually came to eat it more often.  When I was fresh out of undergrad (broke and hungry), I came to eat McDonald’s hamburgers far too often.  I don’t do many things part-way, so I decided as a health-conscious choice, I would become a vegetarian (at least temporarily).  Over the years, my choice to continue has become more and more spiritual.  As the focus of my food choice has become less about it being a “healthy” choice, over-processed and “junk” foods have become too much a part of my days.  It’s not about crash dieting, or even losing weight.  Challenging myself to a day of nothing but whole foods is about learning to make more thoughtful food choices, reminding myself not to be a “junk food vegetarian,” and motivating me to work harder to liven up our meals.  How hard will it be?  How will it feel?  Are you with me?

I’ll tweet my way through the day tomorrow (@andersonholland with #wholefoodchallenge) and give a re-cap on my blog.

But for now, it’s Fat Tuesday.  Mmmm… DQ Blizzard.

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